Here's the logo animation for the False Prophet and the Blood Moons - the studio behind BEAST, the upcoming rpg game that's coming to Steam in early 2020.

Designed by Lord of the logos - Christophe Szpajdel.

TVN TURBO approached us with the idea of creating a promo animation inspired by retro platformer games. Here's what we came up with. Director: Paweł Łukaszewski Producer: Wojciech Walczak Design: Jarek Mankiewicz Animation: Maciej Bałauszko, Marcin Sroka

Inspired by everything 80s. This spot's goal is to highlight all the shows that run at 10:15 PM on TVN TURBO throughout the week. All the scenes directly relate to the content of the particular shows. The production took a solid few sleepless nights so I truly hope you like it!

Director: Paweł Łukaszewski
Music / SFX: Noiseroom
Story / Animation / Lookdev / Postproduction / everything else: Maciej Bałauszko

Here's an opener to the mini series of documentaries about Knights Templars.
Client: iTVN Poland

Hope you like it!

An opener to the program about raising kids that I did couple of months ago.
Big thanks to Jarek Mankiewicz for the great logo and Szymon Wysocki for the music.

An opener to the live coverage of the Christmas concert organized by the TVN tv station. The concert was also to promote TVN's newest feature movie "Letters to M" hence the M in the main title.
Enjoy the video and Merry Christmas :)

I finally got the green light to publish this.
SuperSeans is a weekly blockbuster show on TVN7. Big kudos to Szymon Wysocki for the amazing music. I'm really happy with how everything turned out!
Although the animation is quite simple, I've put quite a lot of work into lighting and final look'n'feel of the animation. If you liked it feel free to hit that like button :)

I was recently commissioned by TVN to produce a promo for a charity soccer match between two of the biggest Polish TV stations - TVP and TVN. Money raised from selling the tickets went to poor kids via the TVN Foundation.

So here's the Easter ID that I've created for the TTV station. It follows the general look of the station but with an Easter twist to it.

This time KRATKI.PL commissioned me with creating a video presentation of their high-end line of fireplaces. This is not actually an ad, and is mainly meant to be played at point of sale etc. It's all in Polish but I hope you'll enjoy it anyways :)

Yeah!!!!!!  I just got mentioned on the official Animation Mentor google+ page!     Click here to see that epic thing!


Recently I was commissioned with creating an advertisement for - a Polish manufacturer of high-end fireplaces. The spot was directed by Pawel Lukaszewski. I was responsible for all the graphics and animation. Also a big shout-out to Mitch Martinez for his stunning fire footage.
Hope you like it!

A cool little teaser I did for my friends in the LTT Conglomerate. If you're into Star Citizen join our ranks now!

This is probably the biggest project I dis for Al Rayyan Satellite Channel. This is the opener to the kids show Rehla. It was shot with the help of the Al Rayyan Production team. I was responsible for the pre production, motion tracking, animation, compositing, rendering and image finalization. I also did most of the rigging.
The classroom was shot with the RED Epic in 4k and all of the CG was done using Maya and Nuke.
I really hope you like it!

I just found this as I was cleaning my drive recently. I really like how it turned out in the 2 days that I had for the project. Big thanks to Kareem for helping me with a map.

So here's my character animation demo reel. All animation, lighting and rendering/compositing was done by me. All rigs were provided by Animation Mentor Hope you like it!

Opener for the coverage of the Education Excellence Day. A quick, one-day project created for Al Rayyan Channel in Qatar.

The opener for the live camel racing coverage created for the Al Rayyan Channel.

The opening sequence of the Ramadan Doha show aired on Al Rayyan Channel during the Ramadan month.

An opener to Al Rayyan Productions.

First ident of the recently rebranded MiniMini+. Hope you like it!

Second ident for the newly rebranded MiniMini+. Let me know if you like it. Thanks!

An intro to all video news material produced by polish media company ONET. Music: Szymon Wysocki

The idea of a video is that the message changes from "You can't have it all" to YOU CAN have it all. It's a promo for the start of a new season of the polish football premier league. Idea: Canal+ graphics department Video editing: Marcin Wiazowski, Bartek Przepiorkiewicz and Lukasz Slotwinski Sound: Canal+ sound design department Animation/Render/Post: Me Hope you like it!

That's an opening sequence for a sport weekly programme focusing on polish soccer ligue. When broadcasted, the sequence is paused when facing the screens and life footage is displayed. Here's the clean version without footage to make it shorter. Different music is used each time depending on how long the whole sequence gets. Music: Faith No More "Out of Nowhere" - The Real Thing (1989) Sound FX: Szymon Wysocki I hope you like it and feel free to leave a comment. Enjoy.

This cinema ad was done especially for the Gdynia film festiwal. Music by Szymon Wysocki.

2010 ident for Hyper TV done in Maya + After Effects. Music by Szymon Wysocki